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Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction at Premier Acupuncture Clinic in Colorado Springs

At Premier Acupuncture Clinic, we provide acupuncture for stress and depression. Learn which acupuncture points provide natural stress relief and why to choose this natural treatment for stress.

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Acupuncture Points for Stress, an Ancient Remedy

Acupuncture dates back over 2,500 years; it is a complete system with over 2,000 points along the body. These acupuncture points connect meridians that pass through your major systems. Several acupuncture points specifically address stress and depression and their physical symptoms within the body.

Stress manifests in the body by creating an imbalance of heat in your kidney and heart. To counteract the heat, our acupuncturist will needle the kidney, heart, spleen, and ear. When these acupuncture points for stress are needled, excess heat within the body naturally disperses.

Acupuncture relieves depression through liver, spleen and heart work.

How can Acupuncture Relieve Chronic Stress

Stress manifests in the body in different ways. It may disrupt sleep or digestion, cause physical pain, or affect your mood and energy. The good news is, acupuncture can target both the stress and physical manifestations through needling. If you experience jaw pain as a result of stress-included teeth grinding, for example, we'll needle the jaw as well.

Acupuncture releases endorphins, your body's natural stress release. You'll feel your mind and body relax while you rest on the table. Many patients find treatment elevates their mood for the entire day.

Since acupuncture treatments have a cumulative effect, we typically recommend a series of visits if you're trying acupuncture for stress and depression. While you'll see the full benefits of this natural pain control method over time, many patients feel some level of relief after the initial session.

Treating Chronic Pain With Acupuncture

Left untreated, stress can lead to chronic pain and severe health problems. Of course, some of our patients develop stress problems as the result of chronic pain, for instance during an auto accident recovery. The relationship goes both ways; fortunately, both chronic pain and stress respond very well to acupuncture.

Since acupuncture releases endorphins and positively affects your nervous system, it is a wonderful way to lower chronic pain. Regular sessions reduce inflammation, which can lower pain resulting from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions.

Get Acupuncture in Colorado Springs

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