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Headaches & Migraines

Acupuncture Therapy for Headaches in Colorado Springs

Headache pain occurs suddenly or comes on gradually, but both ways interfere with your enjoyment of the day. Fortunately, acupuncture for headaches is an effective and natural way to ease your pain, reduce headache frequency and return you to the pain-free life you desire. Our acupuncture in Colorado Springs is provided by Dr. Anne Alysworth at Premier Acupuncture Clinic. Dr. Annie evaluates your headaches to determine if they fall under the tension headache, migraine or muscular-headache category. Then, she determines which acupuncture points will bring you the most relief from the intensity and frequency of your headache pain. Hopefully, with consistent treatment, you will find yourself reaching less for pain relieving medications and turning more to the natural remedy of acupuncture to eliminate headache pain.

Man with a severe headache needs acupuncture treatment in Colorado Springs.

Headache Acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy gives you relief from a variety of headaches. For instance, if your headache is brought on through tension after a stressful day at work, we invite you to Premier Acupuncture Clinic for an immediate reduction in your symptoms. Dr. Annie places tiny needles under the skin in a specific arrangement that eliminates energy blockage to remove your headaches. We also welcome those who are suffering from recurring migraines which may also have other symptoms such as light sensitivity, nausea and fatigue to experience the relief that acupuncture provides. Migraine treatments may require more frequent acupuncture visits and when necessary, Dr. Annie will further stimulate the needles with heat or electricity for a deeper improved response. If your headaches are not tension or migraine-related, Dr. Annie examines your posture and lifestyle to determine if your headaches may be caused by muscular tension in your neck or back and then uses specific acupuncture points to alleviate muscle tension and reduce your headaches.

Our acupuncture for headaches is completely natural and relies on creating an improved energy flow throughout your body and to your head to eliminate pain.

Call Us Today to Schedule Acupuncture Therapy for Headaches

Premier Acupuncture Clinic is your source for headache relief. Dr. Annie uses acupuncture to position your body into a healthier state that will reduce headache intensity and frequency. She also shows you lifestyle changes that can be made to eliminate stress and improve your posture to reduce muscle tension that may contribute to your pain. As opposed to taking medications, which may increase your headache patterns, acupuncture is a natural technique without side effects. To learn more or to schedule your acupuncture for headaches, please call us today at 719-447-0046.

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