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Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Acupuncture

The main premise behind acupuncture is that your body possesses incredible healing potential as long as it can access it. The main carrier of bodily energy is qi or life force, and by enabling the qi to flow freely through your body, you have the best chance of maintaining peak mental and physical health. Sometimes, though, you are blocked, making that difficult.

Essential Oils in Colorado Springs

That’s where aromatherapy and acupuncture come in, two incredibly healing arts that, when combined, bring even more mood-boosting and wellness-inspiring benefits that either does alone.

Learn About Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine at Premier Acupuncture Clinic

You’ve probably heard about the ancient use of essential oils in Chinese medicine, but you may not know what they can do for you. Come to Premier Acupuncture Clinic to learn more about essential oils in Chinese medicine and what they can do to boost your health today. You will leave each session feeling healthier, happier, more emotionally stable and all-around refreshed. But first … how does it work?

How Do Essential Oils and Acupuncture Work Together

Essential oils contain a huge range of different compounds, especially as you distinguish among the huge range of oils themselves. These compounds perform a variety of different bodily services, from stimulating qi to opening mucus membranes to fighting infection to stimulating the body and lending energy. Some compounds, such as terpenes hydrocarbons, are present in almost all essential oils and have distinct anti-inflammatory properties. Ester groups regulate pain, while phenol groups help the lymphatic system operate well.

An experienced practitioner knows how essential oils and acupuncture work together. They can pair oils with specific acupuncture treatments for maximum flow of qi, enabling the practitioner to address issues with extreme precision. If you are wondering whether essential oils and acupuncture might be able to heal your body or regulate your mental state, it’s time to find out.

With Routine Use of Essential Oils Anxiety Lessens

While some people are tempted to dismiss acupuncture and the use of essential oils as hocus pocus, solid research indicates that essential oils have a real, physiological effect on the body and mind. With regular use of essential oils anxiety and depression have been shown to reduce at rates comparable to those achieved with the use of common anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals such as Lorazepam.

Of course, pharmaceuticals have significant downsides, including habituation and addiction. Plan extracts have never shown any such side effects, however, which means that when you use essential oils anxiety is reduced without potentially, negative consequences. You can increase your emotional wellbeing without compromising it later.

If You Want to Use Essential Oils, Contact Premier Acupuncture Clinic in Colorado Springs!

If you would like to learn more about how aromatherapy can enhance your acupuncture sessions, we invite you to call us today at (719) 447-0046. When you’re looking for treatment with essential oils Colorado Springs has you covered. We look forward to seeing you soon and putting you on the path to health and relaxation as soon as possible.

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